Justus Wille

Off to new shores

After more than a decade in the classical music industry as an agent for artists like Fazil Say and Patricia Kopatchinskaja, of working as a project manager and concert promoter for Konzertdirektion Dr. Rudolf Goette, of experiencing hundreds of concerts at Elbphilharmonie and numerous other classical halls in Germany and, indeed, the rest of Europe, the time has come to change my focus. I'm eternally grateful for all the wonderful concerts, those magic moments of transcendence, of true artistry, the beautiful encounters with artists, managers and those backstage who are all too often forgotten.

fast forward classical is aiming to contribute to keeping classical music alive and relevant by focussing on new ways of presenting classical repertoire, on diversity and sustainability, on alternative concert formats and contemporary repertoire. In classical venues as well as clubs and alternative spaces. I'm inviting everyone to join me on this journey.