Manchester Collective - new record

Music by Edmund Finnis

“Airy lyricism and fragile, touching beauty” The Guardian

‘Shades’ is Manchester Collective’s second album and the next chapter of their ongoing collaboration with the British composer Edmund Finnis.

The two string quartets presented here are focused and fragile investigations of sound. Finnis' writing frequently pushes the collective's players to the very limit of what is possible – his music here is softer, more intimate and bare. This material lives in the shadows, slowly shifting, finding form, then melting away.

Ed writes: “I think of these two quartets as some of the most personal and intimate pieces I have written. They are outcomes of my enduring need to communicate something that I’m incapable of fully expressing with words. I would if I could. I know that it has something to do with love.”

Released via Bedroom Community.

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