Young Classical Festival

The HIDALGO Young Classical Festival stages superb classical performances at Munich's most exciting locations. Collaborating with today's best young artists and defying barriers of genre, it offers a unique blend of high art, mainstream and niche. Its take on classical music transforms it into a contemporary mode of expression that includes innovative concert formats, video installations, bespoke sound design and a creative clash between Romantic and contemporary poetry. It aims always to create something bigger from a sum of eclectic parts. The festival patron is star baritone Christian Gerhaher.

fast forward classical represents HIDALGO's original productions internationally for performances outside the festival located in Munich:

BOX-SALON – an evening of Lieder and boxing

BOX-SALON is about the grief that hits us when we have lost something important and a part of our self dies. There are five common stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The production takes us through these stages using the work of John Dowland and Kurt Weill. This is a face-off not just between singer Andromahi Raptis from the Nuremberg Staatstheater and pianist Jonathan Ware, winner of the Hugo Wolf award – we get to see real boxers throwing real punches. It's a visceral enactment of the five stages of grief by director Tom Wilmersdörffer, where piano improvisation meets boxing glove.

“Andromahi Raptis and the fantastically perceptive Jonathan Ware on piano get into the (literal) ring not to give a recital, but to make us experience the elemental nature of singing and music, with its ability to encompass the whole wretchedness as well as the resilience of human beings.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

SONG & SLAM – Lieder vs. slam poetry

Slam Poetry meets Robert Schumann's classical song cycles “Frauenliebe und – leben” and “Dichterliebe”: an evening of rage, humour, and thoughtfulness featuring texts by well-known poetry slammers like Fee Brembeck and Yannik Sellman as well as monologues based on dating advice literature.

Slam poets take on masculinity, femininity, and everything in between in texts that are angry and even more funny. Their performances are juxtaposed by classical Lieder, some of them controversial, depicting romantic love and submission. A female actor leads through the evening using lines from Pick-Up Artists. This highly current production takes on everything, including the role of men in today's society.

MOST DISTANT BELOVED – a walk-in Beethoven performance

Two boxes that separate singer, pianist and sound artist. This is a five-hour performance of Beethoven with the audience walking through changing soundscapes and individually entering the boxes. It's an installation about relationships, physical distance and media communication.

The sound installation MOST DISTANT BELOVED (FERNSTE GELIEBTE) is based on Ludwig van Beethoven's song cycle “An die ferne Geliebte”. It centres on the idea of unbridgeable distance: people who want to be together but can't. This is lamented not just by the Lyrical I, the cycle's speaker. Beethoven himself struggled with addiction, mental health issues and deafness, which led to his sense of disconnection from others. This walk-in concert installation by trugschluss and HIDALGO blows the conventional concert format wide open. It transfers music, lyric, biography and associations into physical space. The singer, pianist, sound artist and audience are separated from the outset. They are placed in different locations: the artists inside the boxes, the audience around those boxes. Everyone can hear everyone else, but they can only communicate directly for short moments. The audience is only allowed to enter the boxes individually. They thus become part of the installation, experiencing unbridgeable distances in their own bodies.